Sunday, 29 April 2012

First Fundraising Dinner

Just a brief update. The first fundraising dinner, which was on April 22 at the Worker's Arts & Heritage Centre in Hamilton, was a success. A great success. GTHK would like to thank everyone that took the time to come out and support the cause (and graciously applauded as they suffered through my speech).

Thankfully, guests also got a chance to hear from the founder and driving force behind GHTK Dr. Singh and heard all the background information from Dr. Brian Cameron (the brains of the whole operation).

All the proceeds of the event of course went to Guyana Help The Kids and the project to fund the new Pediatric Ward of Georgetown Public Hospital Cooperation.

This was the first of a few fundraising events that will all hopefully be bigger and and even more successful. It was a good start but so much more capital needs to be raised. Please remember to donate at the GHTK Website where a full tax receipt can be issued. Or contact me at for information. First step of many. Many more to go!

ps. Big Thanks to Pat Cameron for doing a great job organizing the event. Wouldn't have happened without her!

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