Saturday, 17 March 2012

Things Fall Into Place

As the 14th approaches, getting on that plane pretty much the only thing I’m thinking about. I admit, after the setback we took, I’d grown a little uncertain that all that was needed to be done would be accomplished without Dr. Cameron and Julia to facilitate. But these things have a way of working themselves out. Alternate plans were made to maximize this trip as it relates to figuring out how a 3rd year CFLer can help a public hospital in Guyana. The itinerary became a little clearer as meetings were set and various arrangements are made. After the setback, things were starting to fall into place. In addition, the Ticats provided a bag of goodies for the kids that I’ll get a chance to visit at Georgetown Public Hospital Cooperation. The organization has been very supportive of the whole project that really initially had nothing to do with them. But they’ve been gladly helpful with connections and Ticats gear for the kids. So a big thanks to them. So with everything in place there’s not much to say except wish us luck. After the work is done down there, then the real work starts up here.

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