Saturday, 17 March 2012


The project took a rather significant hit last week when we found out that two of the major parties involved in the project won’t be joining us on the trip to Guyana. For personal reasons that are unavoidable, Dr. Brian Cameron and Julia Pemberton will not be joining us. Aside from the personal reasons I wish they could go (they’re both amazing people that are ALWAYS a pleasure to be around), they hold significant value to the trip.

Dr. Cameron has been to Guyana on numerous occasions, the most recent of which he taught an ESS (Essential Surgical Skills) course to 28 medical interns and was returning to follow up. In addition, Dr. Cameron and Julia were to host a presentation and discussion on the topic of Trauma, which would include training, research, trauma registry and system development. A major part of the discussion would be to understand what the needs, challenges were and to asses possible solutions and how we fit into that picture.  In addition to this, there were also several meetings with various officials that both Dr. Cameron and Julia were to head or be a part of. It’s a huge blow to this particular March trip. As my supervisor, I’ve known Julia the longest. She’s always been nothing but understanding and helpful and one can always count on her to get things done. Disappointing that she and Dr. Cameron wont be able to make it in March. They will return to Guyana to complete what they’d planned to do, but they will definitely be missed on this trip.

What will still be taking place is the development of the Pediatrics Residency program ( that has already commenced by Dr. Nar Singh and Dr. Andrea Hunter in their previous work in Guyana. The aim of the residency program is to better train Pediatricians to allow for optimal care for children in Guyana. This should ensure that the effect had on this sector of health care is long lasting. Meetings with Hospital officials and pediatric residents will also be held. All in an effort to better understand the needs. And where do I fit in? Unfortunately, the only thing I’m qualified to teach is how to back-peddle or run a Cover 3 defense. But I will be involved in the meetings and, along with Dr. Singh, speak on behalf of the Guyana Help The Kids ( and this project. Aside from visiting the places that hold sentimental value, I’ll get a chance to see the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and current Pediatric Ward of Guyana Public Hospital Cooperation where I’ll be able to get a first hand look at where help is needed specifically.

Hard to believe that only 3 months ago I was hearing about this idea that seemed like this overwhelmingly daunting task, and in a weeks time we’ll be on a plane for the first major step. 

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